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XpittsbughXcapaXonlyX's Journal

Friday, August 26, 2005

3:02PM - 6 days left......

R Ya'll as Excited as i am?????? I hope so!!!! I casn't wait to see ya'll bring camera's !!!!! We need lots of pictures!!!

Current mood: drained

Friday, August 19, 2005

10:38PM - HELP

ok you guys i really need some advice.....
I thought my relationship was goin real good andi though me and chris would be all happy -n- stuff....but were not. Our communication level is lower than me and Bubbles communication......and me and bubbles have had full conversations......me and chris, it last for about 15 seconds ......yeah its not good at all! Were gonna have a talk on sunday hopefully and discuss wuts goin on and why there is no communication...... cuz im feed-up with not being called or written back.....im crying rite now.......and im really hurt, i feel like i've done something wrong......but im not gonna put my self that low and say its my fault.....cuz i know its not!
And chris if your readin this, which ur prob. not......u really broke my heart....i thought u were the greatest thing that has came along.....but i guess i don't know u like i thought i did! And im sry to put u out like this, but u made me......and if there is anything goin on that i need to know about tell me know!!!!
Please help me.......i really need some advice before i go crazy and kill someone!

Current mood: crushed

Saturday, August 13, 2005

4:55PM - Hey

17 days left! I can't wait.....and yesterday was me and chris's 1 month anniversary, we didn't do anything cuz i don't think he remembered and i was at my cuzins house! Oh well!

Current mood: pissed off

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

10:50PM - Hey!

Hey guys im bored as hell right now.....Kerry just left.....i got an ipod!!!!....yay!!!.......oh well just thought id post something....so yall later....20 days till school starts!

Current mood: bouncy


Hey ya'll im bored as ever! i wish i has a cell phone so i can prank call people again! lol